Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy and Sad

Happy 5 month birthday, Carter! He is getting sooo big - over 16lbs now and this morning we had him in 6-12 month clothing!

Only 2 more weeks until we try rice cereal again (the first time at 4 months was an epic failure) and 4 weeks until he tastes some REAL food! I am excited but always kind of disappointed....feeding is so easy now and soon we will actually have to start cooking :-P

Nona left last night:( It was so good to have her here for 3 weeks. Richard and I definitely ate like kings (and queens) the last few weeks. And Carter loved all the story time with his Nona. Nona is off to the UK to have some time with the Palmers. We hope to see everyone very soon! Maybe Disney World?!?! Just a thought! he he
Also, I am going to pick up a jogging stroller tonight (I LOVE Craigslist)! Hopefully, Carter will love it and I will get some more runs in. Richard, Kirby and I are signed up for a 5k on May 5th - I better be able to atleast finish it!

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