Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Wow, have I been busy the last 2 weeks! With Carter, work and MJ, I feel like I am constantly running around! At least the Carter and MJ bit are fun!

Friday night I put together my very first Candy Buffet. Wow, let me tell you, those things are amazing! If I could do our wedding over again, I would totally get one of those.

Saturday was spent setting up the candy buffet for a Bar Mitzvah at Dave & Buster's. It took all of my willpower not to eat all of the candy!

Sunday I co-hosted a bridal shower in honor of my friend, Erin. The 4 other bridesmaids and I hosted the shower at Pasta Pomodoro ( The venue was very reasonably priced and we were treated awesome by the owner. I would highly recommend them!

Erin didn't have a clue about her suprise shower! She thought she was dropping something off to her dad who was supposedly cleaning the carpets at the restaurant. She runs into the restaurant in her SWEAT PANTS.....and was stunned to see us all! We were so glad we actually surprised her - it was great!

Here are some pictures the shower.

And last....but not least....Carter went to his first Phillies game on Sunday. While I was at Erin's shower, Daddy, Carter and Aunt Kirby went to the Phillies game. They met up with Aunt Fanny.
Carter looooved the game and the Phillies actually decided to win for him! He even received a certificate that says it was his 1st game! I can't wait until I can enjoy a game with him. I think our next game is the begining of May.
(It isn't letting me post more pictures so I'll post the Phillies ones later)

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