Monday, May 18, 2009


I am so slow at update this blog!

I took off work last Friday to attend Carter's Aunt Fanny's (My sister, Stefanie) graduation! Stefanie graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor's in Public Relations. We are all so proud of Stef - send her some good vibes b/c now she needs to find a job! Unfortunately, I left my camera in my bag the whole time - that just means we need to take pics during her Graduation Party on the 31st.

Well, here are a few of some post-graduation fun. The rain held out and Aunt Kirby and I took Carter to the park for the first time.

Yesterday Carter and I FINALLY met up with the Boob Group, again! For those of you who don't know....the boob group consists of 6 women and their adorable babies! We all met at Virtua Mt. Holly's Lactation Support group. All of our babies are within 3 months of each other (youngest is 6 months and oldest is just 9 months). I've only known the women in this "group" for less than 6 months yet they are my go-to girls now. They are all seriously so amazing and their babies are the cutest. Motherhood is so challenging and it has been GREAT having these ladies to lean on through it all!

Here are all the kiddos in their bathing suits - We are all ready for summer! Sorry the pics aren't great - I was busy trying to keep Carter happy. He was wayyy over due for a nap.

And one more....Here is one of the cutie from this afternoon. Carter just loves sitting outside and listening to all the noises!

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