Thursday, May 7, 2009

50th Percentile

So, we had a little issue with C-man crying on and off all night on Tuesday. I was pretty worried b/c the last time he did that he ended up having an ear infection. So, I quickly got him an appointment at the pedi for Wednesday but everything checked out fine. I am sure they have labeled me as one of those over protective first time moms. Oh, well! I'd rather be one of those then not and have him suffer with an infection!

But since we were already there, we went ahead with his 6-month well check up (yep, sick and well check up in the same day!). Our BIG boy isn't so big anymore! He is well, average (not in our mind!). 50% percentile for height and weight. Upon seeing Carter the doctor guessed he was going to be over 20lbs - boy was he wrong. Only 17lbs 10oz. The pedi said its all the cheeks :-)
Everything else looked good - It's all going to be about solids for the next few months. Introducing new foods is going to be so much fun!

Well, it is more of a pain. Nursing is sooo convenient. But seeing him enjoy the foods is totally worth is! We have changed up the plan a little bit. We want to introduce each new food in the morning but during the week he gets that at daycare - So, we will be introducing new foods every Saturday morning. I haven't decided if it will be peas or butternut squash. Opinions?!

Also, I really think we might have some teeth soon. Something is going on. If it isn't an ear infection, I just think it might be a tooth! He constantly chews on things so we thought he was teething since about 4 months but nothing yet. Between the crying and then not really eating today at daycare.....I think something is up. I am hoping it is teeth and not an illness.

I am off to pick up C from daycare. It is raining and yucky here- just can't wait to get him home and have some snuggles!

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Kirnuy said...

I LOVE CARTER <33333 I wanna pick him up from daycare again!! so fun !