Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and 2 Month Birthday, Carter!

Well, Carter slept through his first New Years Eve! The Galbraiths had a big involved ordering pizza, drinking a few glasses of wine and watching movies :-) Quite different from this time last year....last year we had a huge party that included an ice luge, a gin bucket and jello shots....ugh, maybe next year? Carter should be able to use the luge by then, right?! haha.

We did keep up our New Years Day tradition - a trip to Geno's! Yummmm. We then celebrated Carter's 2 month birthday with donuts from Randolph's...way to start a year eating healthy, huh?

Carter has this 2-month check up tomorrow...any guesses as to how much he will weigh? I am guessing 12lb 3oz. He will also be getting his 2 month shots :( I think there are a total of 4! I think I might cry as much as Carter will. I'll update tomorrow with how it all went.

Happy New Year everyone!

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