Friday, December 26, 2008

Carter's 1st Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

Sorry no one received Christmas Cards from the Galbraiths this year....guess we were a bit too busy with Mr. C.....maybe next year.

Well, we have had an exciting week!
On Christmas Eve Carter made his 1st trip to his Mom-Mom's house. He was so happy and did lots of smiles for everyone. He also made his first trip to church....but was not so happy about having to be quiet. Despite our efforts, the little one did not want to stay at church....we were there for about 10 minutes before leaving....we missed the cousins performing their candle dance (haha) but didn't want to interrupt church for everyone! I guess C-man was too excited for Santa to get here!
Carter woke up Christmas morning to looooots of gifts. He is one lucky boy.....his grandparents and aunts and uncles love to spoil him! I couldn't possibly even post picture of all the new toys and would just be too many. I'll make sure to take pictures as we plays/wears everything!
Here are a few pictures from the last few days....Enjoy!

Carter on his New Zealand sheepy rug....he loves it!

and Yes, he is holding the bottle by himself! Totally just a fluke....but still so cute!

Opening presents!

About 90% of those are for C.

Crazy Daddy!

C's new play gym.

You ALWAYS have to have chocolate donuts for Christmas morning...

....maybe next year he will enjoy opening presents a bit more

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