Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am DONE work....for now anyway. I am "working" from home Thursday and Friday but that doesn't really count.

Now, my mom told me a funny story about how her last day of work when she was pregnant with me was June 17th. She was going to have 3 weeks to herself and to get everything ready....guess I had different plans b/c I decided to come the next day! Wow- BK better at least give me a week of relaxing....b/c I know it'll be a looooong time before I get to do that once he comes!

It's not baby related but for those of you who are interested.....our videographer gave us a link to the "recap" portion of our video

.....and GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously no baby pics yet....but here are some recent ones.

Rick and I at our first Flyers game

My large 36 Week Belly down the shore

Yummy Apple Cider Donuts from the Kirby Mill Apple Festival....We had about 12 of these :-)

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